SINCE 1891

M.G. International

Set up for the future and thinking internationally,
you will receive fast decisions and flexible solutions
for all logistic requirements in a personal and cooperative manner.

Our employees - who work in highly market-oriented,
efficient and specialised teams - are international and cosmopolitan,
and with short decision-making paths, our customers receive the answers to their diverse and individual logistics solutions.

As a company with tradition, we have high demands on our service quality, which we implement without compromise at all our locations.

Your markets are our contact points for the product:

About us

Access route


We cycle your shipments exactly according to your wishes via our various sea freight trades. The trades stand for the fastest possible transit time with comprehensive support right through to the destination. Our efficient pre-carriage and onward carriage services guarantee a secure "Door-to-Door" delivery.

Dry Cargo - Reefer Cargo - Dangerous goods - Special Cargo
Ocean Freight

Incoterms 2020

Ocean freight to  North America
among others - Boston, New York, Baltimore, Charleston, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit

Ocean freight to 
including Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver

Ocean freight to  Mexico

among others Altamira, Tampico, Veracruz, Manzanillo
Ocean Freight Team

Ocean Freight Team

Ocean Freight Team

Ocean freight to Asia
All main ports in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam
Philippines / Indonesia / Malaysia / Singapore / Thailand

Ocean freight to India
among others Mumbai, Nava Sheva, Cochin, Mundra

Ocean freight to Pakistan
Karachi, Port Qassim

Ocean Freight Team

Ocean Freight Team

Ocean Freight Team

Ocean freight to  Middle East
Mersin, Iskenderun, Tripoli, Beirut, Haifa, Ashdod, Aqaba, Jeddah Dammam, Jubail and Jebel Ali, UmQasr, Khor Al Zubair

Ocean freight to  South America
Brazil - Santos, Rio de Janeiro Argentina - Montevideo, Buenos Aires Chile - Arica, Valparaiso Peru - Callao, Lima Ecuador - Guayaquil Columbia - Cartagena, Buenaventura

Ocean freight to  Oceania
among others Australia with Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide / New Zealand with Auckland Port Chalmers
Iraq Service

Ocean Freight Team

Ocean Freight Team

Niche markets

including North with Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan and Chad and Central Africa

The new Silk Road
The fast way from and to Asia - time and cost optimized

Offers with current rates and transit times are created promptly with possible alternatives.
Complete offers - incl. LCL - receive not only optimised transit times but also the pre-carriage, main carriage and on-carriage with the corresponding import clearance.
Project Logistics Team

New silk road



You receive our services around the clock from door to door - quickly and reliably - and reach the destinations of your global markets with cargo aircraft in scheduled and charter traffic as well as with special aircraft such as the Antonov and Ilyushin types.

Your enquiries will be answered immediately by our trained airfreight experts (regulated agent by LBA DE.RAC 0091).
Air Freight

IATA Cargo Agent

Successful PROJECT-LOGISTICS is a question of KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE combined with CREATIVITY!

It is our goal to successfully complete projects and so the main focus is based on available data:
  • Creating individual logistics concepts
  • Planning medium Kick-off meeting
  • Project studies with route inspections
  • Possible applications for pre- and on-carriage by various modes of transport such as road/ inland waterway or rail
  • Transport packaging 
  • Planning of order processing
  • Monitoring criteria for delivery dates
  • Shipping with the corresponding tonnage for both sea and air.
  • Local logistics management at the departure and destination points
  • Final on site Installation

Larger, heavier and more complex
Project Logistics

Project Logistics


As a small and medium-sized as well as large company, use our comprehensive industry expertise for tailor-made solutions, also for general cargo up to XXL goods in European land transport

Our Road Cargo Service Team, together with our partners, has an extensive fleet and freight capacity throughout Europe. Fast and reliable with great planning ability in the use for small/partial and complete loads, your goods are as individual and economical as possible on the shortest way to the recipient.

In addition, we transport your goods by truck beyond the European borders: Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia
Road Cargo

Road Cargo Team


Our foreign trade experts take care of customs clearance for you.

At your request, we can take care of all the formalities for customs clearance and offer you a comprehensive customs service for your import and export matters.

Certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and with the status "Authorized Economic Operator" AEO-F we are recognized as a safe partner.

Trust our specialists to ensure that your customs clearances are completed legally compliant, quickly and competently.

Our services for you includeABD creation
  • Temporary export / import
  • Carnet clearance and T1 creation
  • EUR 1 creation
  • Import customs clearance via ATLAS
  • Customs Inspection
We also offer optimal import and export customs clearance for your company, because we have many years of "competence in border areas".

ISO 9001 Certification

AEO Certificate

Customs Team

TRAINING with M.G. International

The training is as personal and individual as our customers are looked after in our company. A fixed contact person accompanies the duration of the training.

Being actively involved through personal responsibility - is not only our value.

Genuine expert knowledge is imparted in all departments and the processes are learnt during operation.

Team spirit is very important to us and therefore the following is on the agenda: cohesion

VALUES for M.G. International

Our Values define what we believe in as a company and as employees. It is our fundamental belief that guides us to realize our vision.

Safety is our highest priority and may never be compromised.

We focus on the environment in all of our business activities, both onshore and offshore.

We always comply with laws and regulations and work to serve our clients.
Code of Conduct

We are a reliable partner in all aspects of our business — being trustworthy is paramount for us.

We proactively explore new territory to benefit both our clients and our company.

We strive to be best-in-class and are proud to put our name to what we do.